The Story So Far..

An American lifestyle brand

LeSportsac is an American lifestyle brand of casual nylon bags. Founded in 1974, by Melvin and Sandra Schifter in New York city. The company maintains a strong presence around the globe, offering an accessible line of handbags, travel totes, messenger bags, backpacks and accessories.

The lightweight fabric combined with high performance hardware characterizes its iconic, functional styles available in a wide variety
of vivid colors and prints. A leader and innovator in the accessories market, LeSportsac continues to offer a collection of quality designed bags with attention to function and breakthrough vision for the modern global consumer.

Visionary Experimentation with Materials

Our founders worked with sailors and sailmakers in the
early 1970’s to develop a bag design that could be built from rip-stop nylon. The result is the original LeSportsac bag, which has proven to be valuable in the fashion market for over 45 years. It is a perfect blend of ease of fabric, and vivid color.

The convergence of sport and fashion tied together with a nod to Paris, a city that deeply influenced the founders before they launched their company; the name LeSportsac was originated.

Freedom Innovation Exploration


Our founders, the Schifters, were cosmopolitan New Yorkers inspired by the experience and aesthetic of sailing. The simple freedom of sailing came to life in many aspects of the brand: Its attitude and personality - free, fresh, lightweight, athletic, simple, sustainable and timelessly stylish.

Today the brand carries forth this freedom and simplicity with a New York attitude and mindset.

Our founders believed that travel and exploration make us more creative.

We still believe that today.